Management and disposition of rooms.

go~mus offers various modules for the management of resources needed for bookings. Besides guides, rooms can also be managed this way.

In each offer, a room requirement must be defined (which can also be zero). Additionally, rooms can be assigned to offers, which can be booked when the offer is booked. If an offer has room demand, it will be checked during booking if one of the assigned rooms is free. The offer can only be booked if the room requirement can be fulfilled.

Further functions facilitate the room administration:

  • Room Reservation
  • Limiting factors
  • Room nesting
  • Mandatory and optional room allocation
  • Exclusive and non-exclusive room allocation


Für jedes Angebot kann ein Raumbedarf (also die Anzahl benötigter Räume) definiert werden. Diese Festlegung bedingt, dass bei der Buchung des Angebots die eingegebene Anzahl an Räumen gebucht werden muss.

A room requirement (i.e. the number of rooms required) can be defined for each offer. This definition requires that the entered number of rooms must be booked when booking the offer.

Im Buchungsprozess können nur Räume ausgewählt werden, die verfügbar sind. Dazu kann die Verfügbarkeit analog der anderen Datenbereiche in go~mus im Viertelstundentakt über Regeln, einen Generator, Click&Drag, tage- oder wochenweise eingetragen werden.

In the booking process, only rooms that are available can be selected. For this purpose, the availability can be entered analogously to the other data areas in go~mus in quarter-hourly intervals via rules, a generator and Click&Drag. The entries can be made for days or weeks.

Analogous to museums, exhibitions, offers and guides, rooms also have so-called limiting factors that determine how much of what is possible within the rooms.

The following factors exist for rooms:

  • Max. simultaneous participants
  • Max. Bookings at the same start time
  • Max. simultaneous bookings
  • Max. Bookings per day

In addition to the general room requirements, it is possible to define which rooms can be occupied by the respective offer.

For this purpose, rooms can be assigned to the offer. Only rooms that are also located in the museum where the offer takes place can be assigned.

It can be defined whether a room is assigned optionally or obligatorily and whether it should be an exclusive room booking.

The combination of numerical room requirements and the assignment of a large number of optionally bookable rooms makes it possible to create classic elective structures, as is for example required when booking seminars.

Offers with room requirements can only be booked if the room requirement can be fulfilled.

If an offer has optional room assignments, the booking process offers the bookable rooms for selection.

If an offer has only mandatory room assignments, the assigned rooms are automatically booked and the “Rooms” step in the booking process is skipped.

Room reservations can be managed via calendars.

For this purpose, there is a calendar for each room, which shows in daily, weekly and monthly view which bookings occupy the room.

Furthermore, there is a daily calendar for all rooms, which clearly displays the occupancy of all rooms among each other in quarter-hourly intervals for a selected day.