Enable non-binding booking inquiries, general inquiries and accreditation inquiries online and in the backend and transfer them assisted into binding orders.

The special module Inquiries enables you to receive non-binding inquiries for bookings, accreditations and general inquiries from your visitors online (using forms) and in the backend. This allows you to convert them into binding orders easily and comprehensibly using the program planner and group splitting.


Many companies offer customers and interested parties contact forms to enable them to make inquiries at any time without having to publish a specific e-mail address. For this purpose there are many dedicated services like Wufoo and others.

The forms module of go~mus allows you to create forms independently and individually via drag and drop. These are output as iFrames and can thus be quickly and easily integrated into your website.

Inquiries created via such forms are mapped in go~mus in the Inquiries module and can be processed there.

In addition to general inquiries and booking inquiries, go~mus also enables accreditation inquiries. This allows customers to request accreditation for specific customer categories.

The intention is to price offers per remuneration table based on offer categories and customer categories. In order for teachers, for example, to be able to buy these offers online at the right price, they must belong to the right customer category. Since the access to certain prices results from the connection to a certain customer category, customers cannot determine this connection themselves.

The accreditation form can therefore enable customers to request accreditation to a specific customer category at any time without having to contact them by phone.

The go~mus + shop allows you to sell tickets, single visitor and group offers.

In some cases, however, it is not desirable to enable customers to book certain or all offers independently. This can be the case, for example, if an offer can only be carried out by a few people, such as a curator’s tour or a special workshop.

For large groups, the online shop is still not always ideal, as it is designed to book one group at a time, not to plan specific complex programs.

However, in order not to have to process all those requests manually or to receive corresponding requests by mail and then have to transfer them to the booking system in a time-consuming way, the forms module allows to create forms for booking requests.

Requests created via these forms are mapped as booking requests in go~mus and can be processed there with the help of group splitting and program planner. If the customer accepts the program proposal, the program items can be converted from a non-binding inquiry into one or more binding orders with little effort.