Users Function

Management of users, roles and permissions

The management of which user gets what kind of access to what data is done via users, roles and permissions. The corresponding Users function is therefore included in all editions of go~mus.

These features ensure that access to content and functionality is managed quickly and reliably.


Access to go~mus is only possible with password-protected login for previously registered users.

The users are managed in the backend. The assignment of rights, roles and museums determines who can access which content and functions and how.

It is possible to activate two-factor authentication.

Details of data sets are displayed in detail views. Again, consistent design ensures a satisfying user experience.

The most important information is presented in the profile of the data set, which is visible right away.

Users see the options available to them given their roles and permissions on the right hand side.

Relations to other data is configured in dedicated sections of the bottom part of every detail view.

In addition to assigning rights via roles, users can also be granted rights individually.

This enables simple configuration in teams with tiered rights concepts without having to create separate roles for team leaders.

In addition to the definition of rights via roles and individual rights, the access of users to individual museums can be restricted.

Institutions with multiple museums and museum services, provide employees to access only the content of the museum they work for. While employees of museum services or another cross-museum entity can access the content of all or many museums.