E-Commerce is no longer just a thing for large museums and museum associations. It increases your reach and improves your accessibility and thus potentially increases your visitors, meanwhile being the cheapest way to make sure your customers get what they are looking for.

It furthermore enables you to provide your offering to foreign language visitors with reasonable effort, since just as go~mus allows you to enter content in various languages, go~mus + shop allows you to display this content accordingly.

Some consultation-intensive offerings are still best sold while talking to the visitor in person, but especially regular customer such as travel agencies will wholeheartedly welcome the possibility to order online.

The key prerequisite for successful E-Commerce is no different than it is for large retailers. Security, cross-plattform usability or even responsive design, and low-threshold access are the key factors determining how much your visitors like using your online shop and how probable it is that they complete their order.

The features of go~mus + shop can be integrated in your existing website, integrated as iframe or supplied as a standalone shop.