E-Commerce is no longer just a thing for large museums, museum associations and blockbuster exhibitions. It increases your museum’s reach and improves your accessibility and thus potentially increases your visitors.

Meanwhile it is the cheapest way to make sure your customers get what they are looking for.

It furthermore enables you to provide your offering to foreign language visitors with reasonable effort, since just as go~mus allows you to enter content in various languages, go~mus + shop allows you to display this content accordingly.

go~mus + shop enables your visitors to buy your tickets in the online shop.

Regular tickets (not time slot tickets) are usually valid for a specific day which the customer has to select.

The buying process is straight forward and consists of date selection and ticket selection. It can be displayed on consecutive pages or in a onepager layout.

With go~mus + shop you can also sell time slot tickets. Those allow your customers to enter the museum in the specified time slot.

The buying process for time slot tickets is slightly more complicated than for regular tickets, but this allows you to control the visitor flow as well demand through simple measures, such as:

  • Reduced prices for less frequented time slots
  • Increased prices for high demand time slots
  • Limited access to certain visitor groups during specified hours (e.g. schools, elderly)
  • Differentiate ticket quota per time slot to account for differences in time of stay

go~mus + shop also allows you to sell events, public tours and generally all offerings for individual visitors online.

This includes all offerings for which you create events with a specific duration and attendance limit and for which several visitors can book a number of seats. Popular examples are public tours, lectures and concerts.

The online shop provides a selection of events on the starting page as well as calendar widget to search events by date.

Looking at the details of an event the visitor will see a picture with caption, title, subtitle and description.

The visitor can then select the date and time of the event and the number of seats per category and add them to the shopping cart.

Most museums have a dedicated offering for groups and offer a variety of tours. With go~mus + shop you can offer these online directly to your visitors.

Much different to events, when offering touts online, there aren’t predefined events for which visitors can sign up but rather a scheme consisting of products, availabilities of rooms, staff and resources that define what offering is available at what time.

You control the availability of tours online through a variety of measures, including, opening hours, starting times, a pre sale time per product category and many more.