The reseller module for your museum.
Scale visibility and ticket sales.
Connect resellers specifically targeted to museums.

go~mus allows you to connect resellers to your museum or cultural institution and scale your online sales potential.

There are proven connections to some well-known resellers. In the go~mus + api there is also a section with functions for connecting further resellers.

For connected resellers go~mus provides you with various functions to facilitate the control, evaluation and billing of resellers.


You can define percentages within existing ticket quotas that should be available for resellers. Alternatively, you can define a specific number of ticket quotas that should be available for resellers.

go~mus allows you to evaluate the sales of connected resellers in detail. A reseller report is available for this purpose. This evaluates sales per product as well as cancellations and conversion rates.

This allows you to monitor and analyze visitor behavior on the reseller portals. Thus you gain a better understanding of your customers and the performance of your sales channels.

For the settlement of reseller sales, go~mus provides you with functions for collective invoicing. This way, all orders of a month can be invoiced collectively. go~mus generates a collective invoice for you with just one click.