Manage and sell daily and time slot tickets across all connected sales channels.

Base modules define products which can be sold in go~mus. Tickets, i.e. admission tickets for museums or exhibitions in the form of day and time slot tickets, are such products.

You can cover the management and sale of group offers and single visitor offers with dedicated go~mus modules.

The go~mus ticket module allows you to create any number of tickets and quotas. In addition, you can assign tickets to museums or exhibitions and individually define saleability, validity, time slots, sales channels and advance sales times.

By default, tickets are delivered as Print@Home tickets in PDF format. If you wish, you can also use the Passbook module to enable delivery as a Passbook ticket.


A ticket gives access to one or more museums or exhibitions. They can be sold with go~mus via the cash desk, online shop, backend (visitor service) and reseller sales channels.

With the time slot function you define the time period within which visitors possessing a ticket get access. Time slots can be defined in go~mus for between 15 minutes and 12 hours. Tickets without time slots are considered as day tickets.

You can control internal authorization concepts by assigning tickets to museums or exhibitions. You can also create external filters, e.g. in the online shop or at specific interfaces.

Grace periods allow you to control rigid time slot concepts in conjunction with ticket scanners or turnstiles in an accommodating manner.

The function to define a certain number of possible entries allows you to create multiple tickets. It also allows you to link admissions to other concepts, such as external catering, where visitors must leave the museum.

For the sale of group tickets, you can of course define the minimum number. Likewise, you can define the maximum number of tickets that can be purchased.

You can mark a ticket as “reduced” and thus automatically advise the supervisory staff to show the reduction certificate when scanning the ticket.

With a quota, you define the number of tickets that can be sold per time slot and the distribution of this number among the sales channels.

For this purpose, the tickets for which the quota is to apply are assigned to a quota.

You can define different types of quota rules to control the saleability of the assigned tickets:

  • Weekday rules (all selected weekdays)
  • Calendar day rules (a specific calendar day)
  • Holiday rules (all holidays defined under Holiday)

go~mus allows you to sell tickets through the following sales channels: Online shop, cash desk, backend, reseller.

With the help of the quota sales channel control, you can define the respective ticket numbers that can be sold for pre-sales and daily sales, down to the exact percentage.

In this way, you can ensure that a certain number of tickets is held at the cash desk for spontaneous visitors on site. Resellers should only sell the designated quota, so that overall, however, an optimal capacity utilization is achieved.