The extension for additional languages for your booking system.
Suitable for international museums.
Adapt your system to location and language.

To enable international visitors to book your tickets and offers, it makes sense to adapt online descriptions to further languages. In addition, e-mails and PDF documents can be adapted to the languages of your visitors.

Museums in border regions or those with many international visitors prefer to display and manage their content in multiple languages. For this purpose, you can use the go~mus module “Languages”. It activates further languages in addition to the standard languages German and English.

For possibilities, to which language your system can be individually adapted, please ask us: Contact.

go~mus enables the maintenance of public data in several languages. These are displayed in the online shop, among other places. This way you increase conversions and customer satisfaction and reduce visitor service requests.

Pflege öffentlicher Daten der go~mus Besuchermanagementsoftware

With go~mus you can create your entire communication in multiple languages. This ensures that all visitors are addressed in the ideal language. This reduces the number of queries and increases customer satisfaction.

In addition to the specific descriptions of offers and tickets, standard elements in the online shop and on PDF templates must be defined as multilingual. This ensures that you can address your international visitors in the best possible way. Furthermore you will provide a high degree of flexibility when dealing with German-speaking visitors.