The Point of Sale is and will remain the most important contact point for your visitors. To them, aside from friendly staff and reasonable prices, there is only one thing that counts: Speed. Reliability, the second most important factor, is not really noticed by customers, but of course essential for the museum.

go~mus is able to connect existing POS-Systems from the most common suppliers, thereby keeping investment low and adaption easy.

We work with Korona.pos from Combase.

Korona Cash registers from Combase AG and the go~mus visitor management software are seamlessly integrated. Every product in go~mus (tickets, events, group offerings, etc.) is connected to an article in Korona.retail. This ensures that all sales channels rely on the same article master data.

Every receipt for every order from every integrated sales channel is stored in the retail management system Korona.retail. Given the aforementioned article synchronisation this allows for very detailed reports in Korona.

Ticket quotas are managed in go~mus for all integrated sales channels (visitor service, online shop, POS, reseller). Tickets bought at the till via the “Fast Buttons” are always for the current time slot, be it the day or any given shorter timeframe. The presale feature also allows you to sell time slot tickets for future time slots at the cash register.