Live Tours

Provide group and individual visitor offers as live tours.

The Live Tours module allows you to provide group and individual visitor offers remotely, i.e. as a video conference. This way you can reach visitors even if you are closed. No matter if because of Covid-19, exhibition reconstruction or renovation.

Furthermore, you can reach visitors for whom a visit is otherwise not possible. This could be because of geographical distance, mental or physical limitations or simply incompatible opening hours.

It is up to you whether your guides use a gimbal from the museum or a 360° digital exhibition tool from their couch at home.


Live Tours are mainly used for single-visitor offers. It’s like a public tour where museums create dates in advance and many visitors can sign up for them.

Group offers can also be created as Live Tours.

In this case, a group is exclusively guided live. The participants can all sit in front of one end device or each visitor sits in front of its’ own.

Like all normal group and individual visitor offers, Live Tours can also be sold in the online shop and via the backend (by e-mail, telephone).

Regarding relatively low revenues per participant, online sales in particular cover costs.

Our Zoom interface transfers all appointment details that were created in go~mus to Zoom and creates automatically a meeting.