Floor Plan

The floor plan module for your museum.
Individual seating plans for your floors & rooms.
Accurate seat bookings for your online-shop, POS & backend.

Seatings are essential components of the go~mus floor plan module, which enables seat-accurate bookings in the backend and online-shop as well as at the cash desks. Any number of seating variants can be defined and rooms and individual seats can be assigned.

Prices are assigned to the respective seating category and each booked attendee automatically receives a seating ticket with barcode, which can be validated in the admission system.

By linking the floor plan module to the special module Room Management, any event can be mapped in it, including a seat-specific booking function.


Seating is configured from properties such as the price category, rows, seats and types. The latter allow freely definable distinctions of seat types, such as “Love Seat” or “Accessible”. A corresponding layout interface for configuration is automatically generated by go~mus.

The entire seating plan can be created quickly and easily using an integrated generator. The design, the arrangement and the titling of the rows and seats are flexible.


In combination with the add-on go~mus + shop, the special module Floor Plan allows you to sell your floor plan-based events through your online-shop.

Point of Sale

The special module Floor Plan enables the sale of events at the point of sale through the connection of the add-on go~mus + Point of sale. When using a customer display, the seating plan and seats can be displayed directly to the customer.


A seating plan design configurator can be used in the backend. With this, all room components, such as seats, seat and price categories, rows and more, can be freely designed quickly and easily.

Using SVG graphics

The go~mus floor plan module has been programmed to allow the creation of floor plans of any complexity. If the predefined configuration options are not sufficient, an SVG graphic of any floor plans’ shape can be uploaded to go~mus. The software automatically recognizes the parameters stored in the graphic script, so that the floor plan graphic can be freely further designed within go~mus.