In addition to the access control add on go~mus also provides additional access control functionality with its Entry Cloud add on.

go~mus + entry cloud provides additional features to go~mus + entry, such as defining entry ares, entry points, ticket area access, average time of stay and area capacity.

This allows you to cover even the most complex access concepts.

go~mus + entry allows you to designate ticket scanners and turnstiles as points of either exit or entry. This allows you to capture the exact visitor count exactly, regardless of the number of entry and exit points an entry zone has.

For ticket scanners the mode can be switched in a password protected menu in the scan app or by scanning a configuration code. The mode is displayed and can be signaled with a background color in the scan app.

go~mus + entry cloud can capture visitor entries and exits per entry zone and can calculate a visitor count per entry zone. Ticket scanners with the go~scanner app can display this count of one or many entry zones. This allows supervisors to direct visitors to less crowded areas based on accurate and current information.

The visitor count can be an exact calculation given the entries and exits to and from a specific entry zone. This is most often the case, when turnstiles are in place but can also be achieved with ticket scanners. Depending on the amount of entry zones and entry points as well as the amount of visitors this can require a lot of staff and scanners.

When only entries are captured go~mus + entry cloud allows you to calculate visitor count per entry zone based on average time of stay which can be defined per entry zone. This achieves a good estimate of the actual visitor count with less staff and hardware.

The visitor count can also be displayed in the backend.

Depending on the ticketing and entry concept this allows you to refine ticket quotas and entry area capacities on the go, based on current information.

go~mus + api provides visitor count and further information via REST api. This allows you to display relevant information in visitor guidance systems.

When entry area capacity limits are exceeded, scanners give an acoustic and visual warning. This allows supervisors to redirect visitors to less crowded areas.