Orders Function

Management of orders of all customers from all sales channels

Orders are at the core of your customer relations. They touch on invoicing, rescheduling, cancellations and all customer communication. The corresponding orders function is therefore included in all editions of go~mus.

These features ensure that users stay on top of orders and related processes.


The list view of orders shows orders according to the filters the user sets.

The following filters are available:

  • Time frame
  • Date of order / date of visit
  • Validity
  • Status
  • Payment status
  • Payment mode
  • Origin (sales channel)
  • free / fee based

The list also allows you to search for orders by customer name and e-mail address.

The detail view of an order gives an overview of the most important details of the order and provides access to relevant options related to the given order.

Depending on the permissions of the user they will have access to the following features and links:

  • Cancel order
  • Change order item
  • Cancel oder item
  • View order history
  • Send, access, print documents

Together with the billing module the order detail view also provides invoicing.

The order detail view furthermore provides drill down access to related data sets, such as customers, ticket sales and bookings.

Powerful export generators provide means to export orders and order items. The export is provided as .xls-file.

Structure and order of columns in the export can be defined freely.

Grouping of items can also be configured.

The time frame that needs to be exported can also be defined.

Furthermore users can filter the data by several parameters.

Finally there is an option to send the export per mail after it has been created. Given the creation of exports can take some time (especially when a lot of columns are exported and the time frame is long) this allows users to continue their work and automatically get notified after completion of the export.

Reports on orders are essential. They provide key insights into the performance of the institution as a whole, of certain products and sales channels.

go~mus provides an easy to use revenue report that displays relevant KPI visually and numerically.

The report data can also be exported as .xls-file.