Booking Offers

Additional process for written confirmation of a booking by the customer.

One of the functions of go~mus is the Booking Offers function.

In visitor services, it is sometimes necessary to provide customers with detailed written information about bookable offers. Thus, they can approve the associated content and costs before placing a binding order. This process is made possible by the Booking Offers module.

It contains templates for booking offers and for respective booking processes. Furthermore, it enables the entry of the customer confirmation and sending of the booking confirmation.


If an offer has been configured in such a way that an “additional confirmation by customer” is required when booking this offer, the option to send the offer directly is available in the booking process.

If this option is selected, customers receive a booking offer by e-mail. This can then be presented to decision-makers at the customer’s premises for signature and approval.

Bookings that require “additional confirmation by customer” are highlighted accordingly.

When entering a customer confirmation, detailed information can be documented.

Orders that contain bookings that require “additional confirmation by customer”, contain warning messages when trying to confirm them.