Inventory Management

The inventory module for your museum.
Management of inventory categories, items, needs and expenses.

The bookability of offers in the museum is linked to required inventory items, whose availabilities are automatically displayed in go~mus. Only if indispensable items exist for the respective offer, it is also bookable. Thus, go~mus automatically ensures that no mistakes are made in inventory procurement and that each offer is properly prepared. Thanks to the the Inventory Management module, all persons involved keep track of which item, when, is used for what.

The special module Inventory Management allows you to digitally manage any inventory categories and inventory items. Furthermore, you can assign inventory requirements to offers.


You have the possibility to create as many inventory categories as you want. Inventory requirements in the offer will then be specified in pieces per category. You can also enter an e-mail address of the person responsible for the offer category. Thus, this person will be automatically notified of all offer bookings with inventory requirements for this category.

Within the inventory categories you can create any inventory items in the system. In addition to the museum affiliation, you can also set inventory numbers and descriptions. The assignment of inventory IDs and the creation of an Excel list for possible printouts or downloads take place automatically in the background.

Within the offers managed in go~mus, you can define inventory requirements per inventory category. This way go~mus ensures that the offer can only be booked if a certain number of inventory items is available in the inventory category.

By booking offers with inventory requirements, entries in the inventory requisitions are automatically created. These allow inventory managers to keep track of inventory items to be issued, already issued, and items to be returned.