Annual Tickets

Management and sale of annual and other season tickets.

Base modules define saleable products in go~mus. Annual tickets are one such product group.

go~mus allows you to manage annual tickets and sell them through all connected sales channels.

For annual ticket sales, the system provides robust processes for personalization and production, as well as for monitoring shipping or pickup.


You can manage any number of annual tickets in go~mus and sell them via the connected sales channels.

The name, validity period, price and sales channels can be customized.

Annual tickets that have been activated for online sale can be purchased there by all customers.

After purchase, customers receive a link for independent online personalization of the purchased tickets. Once the personalization process is complete, the tickets, hence admission cards can be produced and mailed or deposited for on-site pickup.

Annual tickets can also be sold at the cash desk on site. The sale at the cash desk is very simple.

Only personalization at the cash desk has various disadvantages. This is because personalization takes time and requires the connection of suitable printers at all cash desks as well as the provision of suitable card blanks.

That’s why our clients usually outsource personalization to a dedicated workstation.

Customers buy an annual ticket voucher at the cash desk and this is exchanged for the actual annual ticket at the annual ticket counter during the personalization process.

The cards can be produced and issued immediately.

Visitor Services can also sell and personalize annual tickets over the phone to be mailed to customers or left for on-site pickup.

Regardless of the sales channel through which the annual tickets were sold, go~mus provides support for the processes involved in producing and mailing or depositing the tickets.

For all annual tickets whose personalization has been fully completed, go~mus automatically generates print data in accordance with the agreed layout for annual tickets.

Tickets, hence cards that have been printed are automatically marked as ready for dispatch. After dispatch or deposit in the museum, the cards can be marked as “dispatched”.

Annual tickets can be validated like regular tickets with the go-scanner app by the go~mus + entry add-on.

Annual tickets entitle the holder to enter the assigned museums and exhibitions an unlimited number of times within their validity period.