Booking Widgets

Manage predefined control elements that can be embedded in web pages and allow visitors to register for group offerings, events, and courses.

One of the functions of go~mus is the Booking Widgets function.

Widgets can be integrated into websites as so-called iFrames and enable visitors to register for free offers (no payment, registration, login, customer profile, order history). Unlike the online shop, however, widgets do not require registration, login, customer profile or even payment.

go~mus offers widgets for group and individual offers. The prerequisite is that the corresponding modules are available (groups, events).

Widgets are offered on the level of museums, exhibitions and offers:

  • Offer widgets always allow registration for the specific offer only.
  • Exhibition widgets allow registration to all offers associated with the exhibition and enabled for booking via the widget.
  • Museum widgets allow logging in to all offers associated with the museum and enabled for booking through the widget.


Single-visitor widgets allow visitors to register for specific single-visitor offers on the museum’s website or another suitable website.

The use of these widgets is particularly useful for registering for free services such as public tours.