Employee ID Cards

The special module Employee ID Cards for your museum.
Minimum administrative effort for maximum security.
Personalized assignment of access authorizations.

Modern employee ID cards have numerous functions that reduce administrative tasks in everyday museum work and ensure a high level of security.

In addition, ID cards for museum employees at points of contact with visitors, as visibly worn name tags, build trust and contribute to museum-internal identification.

In go~mus, authorization IDs, for example for employees, are managed and monitored digitally.


Examples of use:

  • Access control at entrance systems and to the rooms of the museum / cultural institution or individually secured areas.
  • Authorization for e.g. cash desk systems
  • Visible identification by picture, name and responsibility


  • Effort optimization for administrative and personnel management
  • Security through unique identification and assignment of rights
  • Employee identification with the museum/cultural institution
  • Connection to existing systems

Under access authorizations in go~mus, new authorization badges can be created, customized and managed. Access-relevant information about the employees such as the validity period of the access authorization for certain areas, is stored there individually.

An additional filter function allows you to sort individual criteria and display lists.

For each person created, go~mus generates print templates that can be printed out in common card printers. Each ID card has a printed code with which it can be uniquely identified when access is attempted.