The “Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin” is a renowned museum in Berlin and it houses an impressive collection of technology exhibits. It presents historical vehicles, devices and industrial machines and offers interactive exhibitions, workshops and special exhibitions on a wide range of topics. The museum enjoys great popularity among technology enthusiasts and promises an unforgettable experience. For ticket sales, the “Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin” relies on go~mus’ “cloud” model, where the price is charged per ticket and there are no additional setup costs.

The implementation of go~mus is taking place in several steps, with online ticketing as the first and most decisive step. On 01.06.2023, the seamless transition from the previous ticket provider to an individual online shop was successfully realized.

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The new online shop of the “Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin” adopts the familiar corporate design of the museum, including the design developed especially for the anniversary year, in order to fit seamlessly into the online world of the museum. Currently, tickets are supported, but future expansion of the offering to include group registrations or events is planned. The shop offers a variety of payment methods and aims to appeal to a wide audience. Particular attention is paid to a responsive presentation, clear user guidance and accessibility.

For processing payments for the online store, we rely on our new partner Payyo from Switzerland.

At the “Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin”, we use our entry solution, the go~mus + entry cloud, to validate both our own admission tickets and booking receipts as well as cooperation products such as the Museum Pass, tickets for Museum Sunday, and tickets for the Long Night of Museums. In addition, we also enable the use of tourist products such as the Berlin Welcome Card all Inclusive. With the entry cloud, the Museum of Technology is also well equipped for future, upcoming collaborations.

Planned interfaces include the federal government’s culture card, financial accounting, and OTAs (online travel agencies).