Core Module Base data

Management of base data in list and detail views

One of the core modules of go~mus that is included in every go~mus edition is the base data module. It contains the features needed for managing the base data of the system.

These features ensure that users are able to access and maintain the desired data quickly and easily.


All data in go~mus is organized in list views. Consistent design ensures that users always find what they are looking for.

Extensive filters in these list views guarantee that users will keep an overview of all the data.

Sorting and search functionality make sure that users will be able to navigate to the desired data in no time.

Details of data sets are displayed in detail views. Again, consistent design ensures a satisfying user experience.

The most important information is presented in the profile of the data set, which is visible right away.

Users see the options available to them given their roles and permissions on the right hand side.

Relations to other data is configured in dedicated sections of the bottom part of every detail view.

Global search queries all relevant data sets, meaning customers, orders, bookings, museums, products etc.

Placed in the header bar it is always available and allows you to navigate to the desired data from wherever you are.

For efficient and quick search it employs sophisticated search technology ensuring results are displayed already after little search input and also if there is a typo.

Constants are the framework of go~mus. The structures defined herein are available all over go~mus as categories, filter criteria and search features.

Define structures matching your own in the following areas:

  • Age groups
  • Product categories
  • Salutations
  • Visitor categories
  • Disabilities
  • Holidays
  • Guide skills
  • Guide categories
  • Inventory categories
  • Customer categories
  • Countries
  • Tags
  • Languages
  • Titles
  • Target groups