Guide Request

The guide request module for museum and guides.
Digitized request process of your museum guides.
Automated synchronization of all availabilities.

The guide request is a pool release of a booking to all or some selected guides. Such a release makes it possible to quickly and efficiently query the interest of guides in assigning for certain bookings. The interaction can take place with many guides and thus enables to quickly schedule all bookings.

The Guide Request module is an extension of the Guide Management module. The regular scheduling process provides to select and request a guide directly.

In addition, it is especially useful for your museum guides to keep the schedule simple and up-to-date.


The guide request process shows you all available and unavailable guides and allows you to select which guides should be requested for the booking.

You can also enter a comment that will be sent to the requested guides.

Guides receive the request by email and can provide feedback directly by clicking on links in the email.

The feedback from the guides is displayed in the go~mus backend. From positive feedback, a confirmation can then be sent and go~mus sends automatic rejections to the other guides if desired.