E-Commerce is currently mainly employed in large museums.

A widespread belief of many museum professionals is that it only pays off if you are a large institution. In reality, E-Commerce is a low cost instrument of increasing your reach and accessibility, regardless of whether you are a small solitary museum or a large museum association.

go~mus + shop enables you to sell tickets, tours and merchandise products in your online shop. Extensive settings allow you to define which product is available online and how long a time interval needs to be between request and booking.

For tickets, complexity rises with your requirements. go~mus allows you to sell simple quota free day tickets as well as timed tickets with highly complex quotas based on calendar days, weekdays, and holidays as well as time of the day and type of ticket.

Merchandise can be managed with a connected merchandise management system and is available for sale online and at your POS.


Aside from a real online shop that is characterized by registration, login, user account, order history and most importantly integration of a payment provider, go~mus also offers widgets for low-threshold booking or reservation of public tours and courses.

These widgets can be integrated in any website and enable your visitor to book a seat for a public tour or a course, both of which go~mus offers separate widgets for.


Visitors calling the museum to be consulted on suitable and available offerings is and will remain the most important means of booking an offering.

Accordingly, this process has to be supported extremely well to ensure that talking to visitors on the phone isn’t the only thing you get done. This is where go~mus excels. Regardless of whether this is done by the education department, an outsourced museum service agency or a service provider that is integrated into your institution, go~mus offers an extensive set of filter attributes and state of the art input methods ensuring you can finish a booking including scheduling in less than two minutes.

Additional tools such as daily and weekly calendars that show all available timeslots for a specific offering at a glance facilitate finding the right offering for your visitor.