go~mus comes with a powerful REST-API to integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Please find our API Documentation here.



go~mus facilitates the integration of existing POS-Systems from the most common suppliers. This way, operational procedures stay untouched and the budget remains unstressed.

Access Solutions

If you are already using scanners or turnstiles, go~mus can most probably integrate them, thus making structural changes or investments obsolete.

People Counter

For museums offering timed tickets, be it for a widely popular exhibition or in general, it is essential to know the exact amount of visitors in the museum as a whole or even in every single room to assess the correct number of salable tickets.

If you are already using people counter hardware, go~mus can most likely integrate them. No need for new hardware, laying cables or configuration.



Many museums today use a so called Customer Relations Management System to handle all relations with their customers throughout all departments. To avoid duplicates or entering data twice, go~mus offers a powerful API to connect your CRM with go~mus and exchange information about your customers.


Nowadays, no website can function without a content management system. To avoid entering data twice, go~mus facilitates the automatic exchange of data between go~mus and your CMS, thus reducing your overhead and ensuring integrity of data on all channels.

Tools for Feedback Management

Feedback from your visitors is highly valuable. In large institutions managing feedback can quickly become an extensive issue. Not surprisingly many institutions use specialized systems to manage visitor feedback.

The most common systems, such as OTRS, can be integrated, ensuring integrity of data between the systems.


go~mus supplies a variety of data that is useful for your accounting department. Since accounting is done with specialized systems, the way to reduce overhead for  the education as well as the accounting department is to ensure low-threshold exchange of data in between go~mus and your accounting system.

Email Marketing Systems

Email Marketing is still a very important component in the marketing mix. go~mus offers features to filter exactly those visitors that are potentially interested in what you are sending out. These customers can be transferred to your newsletter system using the go~mus + api, enabling you to reach just those customers that are potentially interested given their preferences in the past.