Cooperation with guides can be cumbersome, especially in larger institutions or when working with a large pool of guides. go~mus facilitates this cooperation by offering several guide specific tools.

One of them is the guide login, which enables guides to enter their availability, edit their information and accept and revise their bookings. The guide login furthermore offers calendar subscriptions that enable guides to see all their bookings in their native calendar.


Finding the right guide for the right date is among the most challenging tasks in daily museum education. Guide qualification, visitor preference, guide preference, guide availability, guide travel times, fairness, pseudo-self-employment and other topics have to be considered.

go~mus facilitates this process with the use of several tools.

Scheduling of guides can occur separately from the actual booking. If scheduling is done together with the booking, deciding for the right guide is supported by showing the guide’s capacity as well as looking at other bookings the guide has for the given day. In case of a subsequent scheduling go~mus offers the same decision-making aids.


A topic closely connected to scheduling is the guide qualification for certain age groups, class levels, group categories, offerings, catchwords and disabilities. go~mus facilitates the definition of this qualification by several parameters that can be defined freely. These parameters can later be used as search parameter when searching for the right offering for your visitor as well as in the online shop.

Combined with other parameters such as date, time, participant count and language they enable you to find the right offering for your visitor in no time.

A teacher’s request such as: “What do you offer for groups of 20+ pupils, aged 14, with a focus on UK-History that would still be open someday next week in between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.?” can be entered fully in all its detail and answered accordingly in no time.